Social Security Benefits for Children

Year End Tax Planning

Your child--whether he or she is your biological child, adopted child, or stepchild--may be able to receive Social Security monthly benefits based on your earnings record if you're receiving disability or retirement benefits from Social Security, or in the event of your death. These often overlooked … [Read more...]

Personal Finance Newsletter for December

The December financial planning newsletter is now available.  It covers several tax items: Year-end tax planning tips for 2013 including new taxes to be aware of for higher income tax payers IRS regulations affecting legally married same-sex tax payers for 2013 In addition, we have … [Read more...]

Hmm … Can Underperforming Assets Actually Help Your Portfolio Over Time?

FPA Graph

The answer will probably be surprise you. You've likely noticed that the U.S. stock market has offered booming returns over the past three or four years: up an average of 17.4% in the past 36 months alone.  Then you look at the money invested in international equities (the EAFE index up just 8.7% … [Read more...]

August 2013 Personal Finance Newsletter

The August Personal Finance Newsletter is now available.  It includes information on how this summer's Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage affects financial planning for couples in Texas and other states.  It also covers an update on the bond market, how to fix an error on your credit report, … [Read more...]

Health Insurance for College Students

As your child prepares to head off to college, probably the last thing on his or her mind is health insurance. But getting sick or injured away from home can be an unpleasant (and expensive) experience--more so if your child doesn't know his or her health-care options. You'll want to make sure that … [Read more...]

May 2013 Personal Finance Newsletter

The May personal finance newsletter is now available.  In addition to the introduction of our new staff members Jordan Nightingale and Rachel Songer, it includes financial planning information on understanding your expenses in your 401k as you plan your retirement, how to use payable on death … [Read more...]